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4D Ultrasound Sonography

4D Ultrasound Sonography


We are the best and most experienced 4D ultrasound provider in Pune welcomes you to enjoy the wonderful experience of pregnancy with the most advanced technology. Our experts will guide you during the scan, with your baby imaged using modern ultrasound in the comfortable and relaxed way. We endeavor the latest in industry baby scanning technology to obtain life-like images of your baby.

What is a 4D Ultrasound Sonography?

A 4D ultrasound test is the best way of reproducing a moving image of your baby present inside your womb. The technique uses sound waves to produce this kind of moving image. A 4D ultrasound creates an effect that is comparable to watching a live video. You can see the movements of your baby at that moment inside your womb. Also, you can see if your baby is yawning or smiling at that particular moment.

How is the 4D Ultrasound Test Done?

The procedure for the 4D ultrasound is similar to that of the other ultrasound procedures during pregnancy. You will be asked to lie down on your back on the examination table to support the examination. Then the sonologist applies gel on your belly this helps to carry the sound waves. The sonologist will then hold a probe on your tummy and move it in circular motions to obtain a good image.

How to prepare for a 4D ultrasound?

Before proceeding for the ultrasound make sure you will be hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This will ensure plenty of clear amniotic fluid that enhances the baby’s image. Please carry prior ultrasound reports if available.


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