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Labor Care and Pregnant Delivery


Every woman's labour and delivery experience is different. Still, we try our best to understand what is typical can help you as your due date approaches. We provide the utmost care to you because labour and delivery take surprising twists and turns.

In the Department of Labour and delivery, we generally follow a pattern for the cervix softening and opening, the amniotic sac rupturing, the contractions getting stronger and closer collectively.


Available Labor and Baby Birth Treatments

Here are some assisted delivery procedures that might require during labour. The method we use during delivery based on the conditions. The delivery procedures can include the following:


It is a surgical incision made in the perineum (the skin between the vagina and the anus). The incision broadens the vaginal opening to allow the baby’s head to pass through easily also to limit rupture of the mother’s skin. It is not necessary for all women. The incisions are of two types as the midline, the medio-lateral.


It is the artificial breaking of the amniotic membranes or sac to remove the fluid surrounding the baby. The procedure can be performed before or during labour.

Induced labour

Induction of labour is essential for several reasons. We use this procedure for pregnancies involving medical complications.

Fetal monitoring

It is the process of monitoring the baby’s heart rate. It involves external fetal monitoring and internal monitoring.

Forceps delivery

In this procedure, the doctor inserts forceps into the vagina to gently deliver the baby’s head through the vagina. Then carry out the standard delivery procedure for the baby.

Vacuum extraction

In this, a vacuum extractor is placed on the baby’s head to support the delivery of the baby.

Cesarean section / C-section

It is a surgical procedure performed if a vaginal delivery is not possible. In this procedure, the baby is delivered using surgical incisions made in the abdomen and the uterus.

Painless Delivery

In this procedure we insert Epidural catheter (around Spinal canal) and Analgesics injections are given through this catheter.This procedure is very highly effective and very successful women who are presented with labour pains and those who are afraid of labour pains.

How to Prepare for labour?

Here are some of the tips so that you can prepare yourself and your body for labour or your baby birth

  • Remove fear and educate yourself
  • Perform pregnancy yoga
  • Do regular meditation
  • Perform regular exercise
  • Look for a stable, peaceful support
  • Reduce mental stress and improve your strengths

How to Manage Pain?

Here's are some of the tactics to manage your pain during delivery.

  • Change positions or take a walk for short distance
  • Get the shower
  • Try some breathing or relaxation techniques
  • Take a body massage from your doctor

Recovery Process

Postpartum care is necessary for both you and your newborn.

  • Take a quick nap when your baby sleeps.
  • Take some extra rest.
  • Read books or listen to music.
  • Take a bath daily
  • Ambulate daily.
  • Spend some time with your partner.
  • Talk with other new moms and create an informal support group.


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