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Billing assistance is given to the patients at every stage of their stay in the hospital. A billing counseling is done immediately after the admission. Two types of bills are generated in the hospital viz:

Interim Bill: We generate them every day. The temporary bills will give you an idea of the hospital expenditure as on that day and the amount outstanding in your account if any. In case of notable, you will be required to settle the same within one day. We will send the bill to your room. You can contact the billing department if you need any clarifications on the bill details.

Final Bill: We will generate the final bill at the moment of discharge. This bill will consider all the interim measures and the reservation deposit paid. Please note that the advance deposit can be adjusted only against the final bill and not against the temporary bills.

Patient Bed Transfer

  • From higher to lower or lower to higher (if stays upto 8 hrs in earlier bed category)
  • Half-day room rent of more previous bed category.
  • From higher to lower / lower to higher (if a patient stays more than 8 hrs in earlier bed category)
  • Full day room rent of more prior bed category.
  • Other charges will be as per the respective bed category.

Patient transfer - Post surgery change of bed occupancy

  • Lower category to higher category Higher
  • Higher category to lower category Higher
  • All procedure/diagnostic charges as per the more top class from retrospective effect.
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