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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays


We at Pawar Multispeciality Hospital offer the best digital x-ray imaging facility to our patient. Digital x-ray is an advanced technology far superior compared to traditional x-ray method.

What is Digital X-ray?

A digital x-ray uses a small dose of radiation to produce an image that exists as pure data. The specially designed sensors directly translate the information into a picture that can be observed, sent, stored and retrieved quickly. This digital image provides a precise picture of the certain area.

Why do we need an X-ray?

Your doctor recommends the X-ray for:

  • You are experiencing pain or discomfort
  • Monitoring of the osteoporosis
  • Review how well a prescribed treatment is working

Conditions like bone cancer, breast tumors, enlarged heart, blocked blood vessels, conditions affecting your lungs, digestive problems, fractures, infections, osteoporosis, arthritis, tooth decay may require an X-ray.

Inform Doctor if you are pregnant before Doing X-Ray

How to get Prepare for an X-ray?

In most of the cases, you won’t require to take specific steps to prepare for them. Based on the area of investigation, you can wear loose, comfortable clothing so that you can comfortably move around. Sometimes, the radiologist may ask you to wear a hospital gown for the test. Before taking an x-ray, please remove jewellery or other metallic objects from your body.

What is the Procedure?

The X-Ray test is performed in the radiology department of our hospital by an x-ray technologist. The positioning of the patient, x-ray machine, and film depends on the type of study and area of interest.

After completion of set up, your X-ray technician or radiologist will help you setting right position of your body to create clear images. For this, they may ask you to lie down, sit, or stand in a particular situation while performing the test.

What happens after producing an X-ray?

After taking X-ray images, you can change back into your regular clothes. According to your condition, your doctor may suggest you about your normal activities or rest. In some cases, results may be available on the same day of the procedure, or later.

Once results come, your doctor will review it and the report the radiologist to decide how to proceed. Depending on your results, they may order additional tests to receive an accurate diagnosis.

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