Pawar Multispeciality Hospital & Diagnostic Center Pvt. Ltd Dhankawadi Pune - 411043. 

During your stay

During your stay (when you are in a ward)


Ward Orientation

When you enter in the ward, our ward staff will orient you to the departments and the facilities available. The Duty Medical Officer will then check you. This includes a detailed medical history and tests if necessary.

Daily Ward Routine

The routine of the patient present in the ward covers activities such as ward rounds by Doctors, medication, meals, nursing hours and bedtime. However, this routine may change, if lab tests, X-ray, treatment, and other procedure will take place when required.

Wrist Identification Band

For our safety purpose, we will give you a wristband containing your name, and ward number for wearing. Please wear it at all times during your hospital stay as it enables the staff to confirm your identity.

Nurse Call Bell

In every ward, a call bell is attached to your bed. Please use it to call for assistance from the ward staff.

Food Service

Our dieticians plan specific meals to provide a balanced nutritional intact of medical requirements. Special diets are also available to patients who require specific diet special therapeutic needs.

Inhouse entertainment

Television and cable programmer are available in Private rooms.

Hospital Services

The service of an in-house barber is available upon request.

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