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Liver Profile

Liver Profile Pune


Liver pain

Liver pain can take several forms. Most people feel it as a dull, throbbing sensation in the upper right abdomen. Liver pain can also feel like a stabbing sensation that takes your breath away.

Sometimes this pain is accompanied by swelling, and occasionally people feel radiating liver pain in their back or in their right shoulder blade. The liver converts food nutrients into products that we need for our bodies to function properly. The liver is also a detoxifying organ.

When you feel pain that comes from your liver, it’s a signal that there’s something happening in your body that needs to be addressed.

Possible Causes

Possible causes and associated conditions include:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Hepatitis
  • Nonalcoholic fatty Liver Disease
  • cirrhosis
  • Reye’s syndrome
  • hemochromatosis


  • T BILI
  • D BILI
  • I BILI
  • SGOT
  • SGPT
  • ALP
  • T, PROT
  • ALB
  • GLB
  • A/G
  • USG (A+D)
  • PT/INR
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